I have been passionate about food and photography my whole life and I have decided it is now time to combine the two passions. So I am giving a go on all the things I love and hopefully by sharing them with you, you will like them too.

My Story

I’m Jamie, a mother of two living in coastal Connecticut. I graduated from the French Culinary Institute in 2001, and have spent most of my career working in and around the food industry.

I spent my pre-culinary school years cooking in San Francisco, marketing for food websites, and studying food and wine while traveling through Europe. After working under Chef Stanley Wong for a bit, I really wanted to run my own kitchen. I went to Tuller Fine Foods, a French specialty food shop in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, where I developed the menu and all of the recipes. After a year, I decided to go out on my own so I could share my knowledge of and passion for food and wine with others. The most important thing for me was to create something that people could learn and have fun doing it. So my idea was to do cooking classes in people’s homes, with their friends, and that is how my business was born!

I have been lucky enough to have some great press. Please see some of the links below so you can learn more about what I have done.

New York Times, Dining Section 2004:


New York Times, Regional CT 2010:


Daily Candy 2010:


Contact: chefjamiesydney@gmail.com